AR VR initiative is a non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities fot the next generation of engineers and designers in the augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual reality, and 360 video space through the dissemination about jobs, free courses, events, and companies in the fields.


In this class Brian Pene ( director of emerging technology at the office of the CTO at Autodesk, Inc.)will talk about the new types of both input and display interfaces that have recently become available, as well as the possibilities with interactive real-time 3D experiences.

his class will examine emerging technologies that support the design and construction industry. Technologies we will discuss may include augmented reality, immersive environments, fabrication and prefabrication, mobile computing, 3D printing, and laser scanning.

This class discusses the results of an Advanced Infrastructure Analysis Technology assessment recently conducted by Autodesk Consulting for a major electric and gas utility that has over 15 million customers.

Our guests have worked on some of the most innovative projects in the country and will share their Revizto workflows and best practices.

This course is an introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) Technology brought to you by the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University (Malaysia)

This course will teach you how to make and use QR Codes and Augmented Reality in your 21st Century classroom that will inspire and enhance your student’s learning.

In this course, we will learn about the treading VR / AR market and get hands-on with starting out in creating very simple AR application using the most popular game engine, Unity.

This course is a quick introduction to Augmented Reality (AR) game development for beginners and those with basic Unity skills, where we’ll create a basic Pokemon-like game.

Basic techniques you need to know to create professional and beautiful mobile applications.

This course introduces Android developers to Augmented Reality concepts and applications.

Learn the basics of setting up an AR experience and the different kinds of AR experiences that match different use cases.

In this series of tutorials, we’ll learn how to use After Effects’ 3D Camera Tracker and how to integrate assets into the shot. We’ll be doing an augmented reality style project to learn these techniques.

The course uses the water cycle to help students produce their own augmented reality (AR) poster using ZapWorks.

The course provides an introduction to exciting way of interacting with computers, with an emphasis on methods for designing and developing effective 3D user interfaces.

Learn to infuse your daily teaching with AR to engage students in a magical way and help them become independent learners.

This course is about the basics of developing mobile applications using Mixed and Augmented Reality (MAR) technologies.

This course deals with the new emerging technologies of IoT (Internet of Things) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Build 12 Python apps: such as Augmented Reality Face Filters (Snapchat/MSQRD), Face Recognition & car/people detection

Learn to make a quiz based Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt with free Apps

Learn how to create an amazing augmented reality game in an hour! This is simply done by using Vuforia and its special toolset to help you quickly design a full-fledged game

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