AR VR initiative is a non-profit dedicated to creating opportunities fot the next generation of engineers and designers in the augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual reality, and 360 video space through the dissemination about jobs, free courses, events, and companies in the fields.


Students will build on their Intro to Interactive VR experience to create a single-level, playable VR “game” demo, using the HTC Vive headset and Unity 3D.

Learn how to create amazing VR experiences for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch

This course is a survey of Virtual and Augmented Reality design and development. It is intended for novices to game development.

Create a Virtual Reality Game for Google Cardboard on Android and iOS

360 visualization, understanding the technology limitations & advantages, difference between virtual reality and 360, plus a whole lot more.

Learn the basic skills you need to build VR games and experiences for the Oculus Rift

Game development, Animation, Previsualization

After this class attendees will be able to exploit virtual reality in the realm of construction—particularly, the way and flow of utilizing Samsung Gear VR.

Learn how technology can impact your product development cycle and make sharing ideas with customers more concrete.

EON Innovation Academy at Eastern Iowa Community College (EICC) teaches the skills needed to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for industry and education covering many diverse fields, including: architecture, product visualization, game creation, multimedia design, and broadcast media.

The study programme in Virtual and Augmented Reality combines technical and artistic subjects with VR and AR technology in interactive digital content development.

This two year course focuses on the development and use of virtual and augmented reality as well as emerging technologies for application across a range of sectors, including mobile technology, digital marketing and the visualisation of big data.

Create your own video games and virtual worlds. Discover how to make fun and engaging worlds that can be explored on a PC, phone, tablet, or with the Oculus Rift, a hardware platform consisting of a headset and earphones that allows people to experience virtual reality.

Two-Week Virtual Reality explores the breathtaking world and possibilities of VR and equips you with the core skills in the creative and technical disciplines, from planning through to shooting and distribution.

Our introduction classes are designed to provide an overview of developing virtual reality applications in Unity.

You will learn the basics of Unity development, fundamentals of design and experience in the context of virtual reality, storytelling and content creation for VR. You will be able to get your hands dirty by working on your own VR project using Google Cardboard.

This is a free course is for anyone interested in virtual reality as it applies to non-fiction storytelling and journalism, ranging from content creation to content consumption.

You will learn about the industry, the tools and techniques to be able to capture the minds of users and utilise this powerful medium in both past and new unexplored commercial applications.

Virtual reality game development with Unity 3D.

During the class we will acquaint you with the technology, explain the critical differences in competing platforms, show you some of the intriguing ways marketers are already putting VR to work, and send you away with your head spinning ever so slightly.

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